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  • London Study Tour - Houses of Parliament
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London – the urban renewal success story

Be inspired by the ever-changing landscape of London on our international study tour focusing on planning, innovation & urban development. London has transformed from an unplanned, organic and ungovernable city to one that is now the model that all emerging global cities now look to.

As Australian cities grapple with their own growth challenges, London has already blazed the trail.
This tour will witness first-hand the catalysts for London’s transformation; its innovation, its flexibility and its entrepreneurial zeal. Delegates will also have the chance to meet with the city-shapers that have guided London to its incredible success.

And to enhance your London experience, there is generous leisure time for exploring too!


Professional Development Objectives

Every site tour, walking tour, briefing and keynote delivered in London has been carefully curated to deliver a holistic program of professional development for delegates – centred around urban renewal, innovation and design excellence.


Participation in our London Study Tour will give delegates the opportunity to learn:


- How to leverage innovations in workplace design to attract global companies

- How to fully integrate work, life and play in true mixed-use precincts

- How to leverage infrastructure developments to develop integrated urban renewal

- How governance arrangements can facilitate the dramatic transformation of London’s commercial precincts

- How to innovate in housing design, density and diversity